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8.2.1 Entering illegal moves

It's possible to enter illegal moves with a little trick. This is a step by step guide for the example: If a player rolls 41 and the player makes an illegal move as the dice showed 31.

  1. Manually enter the roll which was rolled. 41.
  2. Do a legal move with 41 (this is just to get the analysis of the roll, and the best legal move.)
  3. Click the dice to pick them up and complete the move.
  4. Now, before you roll the opponents dice, click the Edit button.
  5. While holding down the CTRL-button on your keyboard, you can now drag the checkers to the resulting illegal position which was played over the board.
  6. Release the Edit button to exit edit mode.
  7. Make sure the right player is on turn, by clicking on the checker image for the player on roll, under the game board.
  8. Continue to enter the rest of the game.