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12.2.7 On what CPU will GNU Backgammon run fastest?

Here is a list of CPU and Evaluations per second ( Analyze->Evaluation Speed). Feel free to add your CPU:

Evals/secCPUSystem/Main boardRAMOS GNUBG-Version
28450 *1AMD Sempron 3000+ (1800 MHz)K8T800-A1024 MBWin 20000.14-mingw
28000Intel Core Duo 1.66 GHzMac mini Core Duo512 MBWin XP SP20.14-mingw
27000Intel Pentium M 735 (1.7 GHz)AOpen 1557-J1024 MBWin XP SP20.14-mingw
26000Celeron 331 2.66 GHzDell Dimension 3100512 MBWin XP SP20.14.3-devel
24500Sempron 2800+ (rev E6_at_2000 MHz)Asus K8V-X768 MBWin XP SP20.14.3-devel
23000P4 2.8 GHzAsus P4P800D1024 MBWin XP SP20.14.3-devel
21759Athlon64 3000+ (32bit mode)Acer Aspire 1522512 MBKubuntu
21500 *1AMD Sempron 3000+ (1800 MHz)K8T800-A1024 MBWin 20000.14.3-devel
20120Athlon XP 2500+ (_at_1833 Mhz)MSI K7N-Delta21024 MBSuse Linux
20200Pentium M 1.7 GHzSony Vaio Z1XSP512 MBFreeBSD 5.2
19515Intel Pentium M 0.8 GHz *2Sony Vaio PCG-SRX51P256 MBFedora FC6(T3)0.14.3-devel
19200Pentium M 1.6 GHzIBM X411024 MBWin XP SP20.14.3-devel
16900P4 2 GHz?256 MBWin 20000.14-devel
14400P3 1GHzSony Vaio PCG-R600HFPD256 MBWin XP SP20.16-mingw
13000 *3AMD 1GHzJetway1536 MBWin 20000.14-devel
10506Intel Pentium M 0.8 GHzSony Vaio PCG-SRX51P256 MBWindows XP(SP2)0.14-mingw
6200Celeron 650 MHztoshiba laptop256 MBWin me0.14-devel

*1These are the two versions evaluated on the same machine. Big difference!
*2According to cat /proc/cpuinfo
*3Highly variable: 12000 .. 13700