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8.1.2 Opening and importing matches

Since version 0.16 the GUI recognizes all importable files automatically (with the exception of the FIBS format). To open or import a file choose File->Open. A file dialog box will appear where you can select the file and the dialog will inform you of the recognized format, if the file is importable. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl-O, or the tool bar button labeled Open, to open the file dialog box directly.

It is still possible to import an unrecognized file by using the underlying command line interface. Enable the command pane by choosing View->Command. In the command pane type in import oldmoves <filepath> to import, e.g., an oldmoves fibs formatted file.

The following table contains the supported formats and the corresponding commands for manual import of a file.

FIBS oldmoves formatimport oldmoves <filepath>
Gamesgrid Save Gameimport sgg <filepath>
GammonEmpire Gameimport empire <filepath>
Hans Berliner's BKG Formatimport bkg <filepath>
Jellyfish Gameimport gam <filepath>
Jellyfish Matchimport mat <filepath>
Jellyfish Positionimport pos <filepath>
PartyGammon Gameimport party <filepath>
Snowie Textimport snowietxt <filepath>
True Moneygamesimport tmg <filepath>