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4.1 Starting a new match

To start a new game, match or session choose File->New, or use the New button in the toolbar. This will open a dialog box, where you can select the main options for the new backgammon game you are about to begin.

The dialog for starting a new match.

     To start a new match in the CL version type 'new match' or
     'new session'.

The shortcut buttons are the quickest way to start the game or match. If you click on the button with the $ sign, you will start a new money game session immediately. If you click on a numbered button, you will start a new match of the specified length.

The dialog allows a fine tuning of the startup options:

  1. Use the radio buttons to choose whether you want to start a match, game or session. If you wish to start a new match, you should select the match length by typing into the Match length field.
  2. You may play against both the program itself or against a friend. If you want to start a match or game against a friend, select the Human vs. Human option.
  3. Normally the dice are generated by a random number generator, but you may use manual dice if you check this option. Then GNU Backgammon will prompt for the dice roll before each roll.
  4. GNU Backgammon comes with a tutor mode. If this mode is active, GNU Backgammon analyzes each move you do, and warn you each time you make a mistake. More about tutor mode later.
  5. By clicking on the Modify player settings... button, you will see the whole player setting dialog. Here you define the playing strength of GNU Backgammon. This dialog will be explained later.