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5.1.3 The hint tool buttons

As you may see in both figures above, there is a set of buttons below the move list or cube analysis. Here follows a short description of what each of the buttons does:

  1. Eval will evaluate the selected moves, or the cube decision with the current evaluation setting.
  2. ... will open the evaluation setting dialog. You can then modify the evaluation setting. More about evaluation settings in the next chapter.
  3. 0 1 2 3 4 will evaluate the selected moves or cube decision at cubeful 0-ply or cubeful 1-ply or cubeful 2-ply and so on.
  4. Rollout will start a rollout ((A rollout is simply a Monte Carlo simulation of a backgammon position. More about rollouts in a later chapter.)) of the selected moves or cube decision.
  5. ... will open the rollout settings dialog. This dialog will be further described later in this manual.
  6. MWC (Match Winning Chance). If this button is pressed the values in the hint window will be shown as the chance to win the whole match. If this button is unpressed or there is a money game that's played, the values in the hint window is reported as Equity. Notice, The equity in a match is actually a recalculation from match winning chance to equity. This recalculated number is often referred to as EMG, Equivalent to Money Game. The EMG number is comparable to the equity in a money game, and are therefore labeled 'Equity'.
  7. Show will show the board as it would be after the selected move is made. The button is only available in the checker play hint window.
  8. Move will make the move selected in the list. It's also possible to make a move directly from the list by double clicking on the move. The button is also available only in the checker play hint window.
  9. Copy will copy the text of all selected moves to clipboard.
  10. Temp. Map will show Sho Sengoku's temperature map. This map is further described later in the document. When this window remembers its size and position it will really become useful.