2.8  BUILD command

2.8.1  Syntax

build {line}

2.8.2  Purpose

Builds a new circuit, or replaces lines in an existing one.


Build Lets you enter the circuit from the keyboard. The prompt changes to > to show that the program is in the build mode.

At this point, type in the circuit components in standard (Spice type) netlist format.

Component labels must be unique. If not, the old one is modified according to the new data, keeping old values where no new ones were specified.

Ordinarily, components are added to the end of the list. To insert at a particular place, specify the label to insert in front of. Example: Build R77 will cause new items to be added before R77, instead of at the end.

In either case, components being changed or replaced do not change their location in the list.

If it is necessary to start over, delete all or clear will erase the entire circuit in memory.

To exit this mode, enter a blank line.

2.8.4  Examples

Build a circuit. Add to the end of the list. This will add to the circuit without erasing anything. It will continue until you exit or memory fills up.

This is the same as the previous example. Only the first letter of the `Build' is necessary.

build R33
Insert new items in front of R33.