2.12  DELETE command

2.12.1  Syntax

delete label ...
delete all

2.12.2  Purpose

Remove a line, or a group of lines, from the circuit description.


To delete a part, by label, enter the label. (Example `DEL R15'.) Wildcards `*' and `?' are allowed, in which case, all that match are deleted.

To delete the entire circuit, the entire word ALL must be entered. (Example `DEL ALL'.)

After deleting anything, there is usually no way to get it back, but if a fault had been applied (see fault command) restore may have surprising results.

2.12.4  Examples

delete all
Delete the entire circuit, but save the title.

del R12
Delete R12.

del R12 C3
Delete R12 and C3.

del R*
Delete all resistors. (Also, any models and subcircuits starting with R.)