2.37  SAVE command

2.37.1  Syntax

save filename {options ...}

2.37.2  Purpose

Saves the circuit on the disk.


The file is in an ASCII format, so the list may be used as part of a report. It is believed to be compatible with other simulators such as Berkeley Spice to the extent that the capabilities are the same. Compatibility with commercial Spice derivatives may be a problem because they all have proprietary extensions and are incompatible with each other.

If the file name specified already exists, the old file is deleted and replaced by a new file of the same name, after asking you for permission.

You can save a part of a circuit. See the list command for more details.

2.37.4  Examples

save works.ckt
Save the circuit in the file works.ckt, in the current directory.

Save the circuit. Since you did not specify a file name, it will ask for one.

save partof.ckt R*
Save a partial circuit, just the resistors, to the file partof.ckt. (See the List command.)

save /client/sim/ckt/no33
You can specify a path name.