2.46  UNMARK command

2.46.1  Syntax


2.46.2  Purpose

Forget remembered circuit voltages and currents. Undo the `mark' command.


Allow time to proceed. It has been held back by the `mark' command.

2.46.4  Examples

transient 0 1 .01
A transient analysis starting at zero, running until 1 second, with step size .01 seconds. After this run, the clock is at 1 second.

Remember the time, voltages, currents, etc.

Another transient analysis. It continues from 1 second, to 2 seconds. (It spans 1 second, as before.) This command was not affected by the mark command.

This will do exactly the same as the last one. From 1 second to 2 seconds. If it were not for mark, it would have started from 2 seconds.

transient 1.5 .001
Try again with smaller steps. Again, it starts at 1 second.

Release the effect of mark.

Exactly the same as the last time, as if we didn't unmark. (1 to 1.5 seconds.)

This one continues from where the last one left off: at 1.5 seconds. From now on, time will move forward.