3.9  Voltage Controlled Admittance

3.9.1  Syntax


Gxxxxxxx n+ n– VCG nc+ nc– expression
.VCG label n+ n– nc+ nc– expression

Model (optional)

.model mname TABLE {args}

3.9.2  Purpose

Voltage controlled admittance.


N+ and n– are the positive and negative element (output) nodes, respectively. Nc+ and nc– are the positive and negative controlling nodes, respectively. Value is the transfactor in mhos per volt.

The simulator will faithfully give you a negative admittance if it seems appropriate. Usually, this part is used with a behavioral modeling function, like PWL, which allows you to specify a table of admittance vs. voltage.

You may specify the value in any of these forms:
  1. A simple value. This is the admittance with 1 volt applied to the control port.

  2. An expression, as described in the behavioral modeling chapter.

  3. A model, as described in the behavioral modeling chapter. The table model describes a table of admittances vs. control voltage.

3.9.4  Probes

The standard probes for all basic elements are all available. See the print command for documentation.