3.11  H: Current Controlled Voltage Source

3.11.1  Syntax


Hxxxxxxx n+ n– ce value
Hxxxxxxx n+ n– ce expression
.CCVS label n+ n– ce expression

Model (optional)

.model mname TABLE {args}

3.11.2  Purpose

Current controlled voltage source, or transresistance block.


N+ and n– are the positive and negative element (output) nodes, respectively. Ce is the name of an element through which the controlling current flows. The direction of positive controlling current is from the positive node, through the element, to the negative node of ce. Value is the transresistance in Ohms.

The controlling element can be any simple two terminal element. Unlike SPICE, it does not need to be a voltage source.
  1. A simple value. This is the transresistance.

  2. An expression, as described in the behavioral modeling chapter. The expression can specify the output voltage as a function of input current, or the transresistance as a function of time.

  3. A model, as described in the behavioral modeling chapter. The table model describes a table of output voltage vs. input current.

3.11.4  Probes

The standard probes for all basic elements are all available. See the print command for documentation.