3.24  X: Subcircuit Call

3.24.1  Syntax


Xxxxxxxx n1 {n2 n3 ...} subname {parameters}

Subcircuit definition (optional)

.subckt subname nodes
subcircuit description

3.24.2  Purpose

Subcircuit call


Subcircuits are used by specifying pseudo-elements beginning with X, followed by the connection nodes. A list of parameters may follow as name=value pairs.

3.24.4  Probes

Port (terminal node) voltage. x is which port to probe. 1 is the first node in the "X" statement, 2 is the second, and so on.

Power. The sum of the power probes for all the internal elements.

Power dissipated. The total power dissipated as heat.

Power sourced. The total power generated.
In this release, there are no probes available in AC analysis except for the internal elements. Internal elements can be probed by concatenating the internal part label with the subcircuit label. R5.X7 is R5 inside X7.