4.7  POLY: Polynomial nonlinear transfer function

4.7.1  Syntax

POLY c0 c1 c2 c3 ...
POLY c0 c1 c2 c3 ... args

4.7.2  Purpose

Defines a transfer function by a one dimensional polynomial.


For capacitors, this function defines charge as a function of voltage. For inductors, it defines flux as a function of current. If you have the coefficients defining capacitance or inductance, prepending a “0” to the list will turn it into the correct form for Gnucap.

For fixed sources, it defines voltage or current as a polynomial function of time.

The transfer function is defined by:
out = c0 + (c1*in) + (c2*in^2) + ....

4.7.4  Parameters

MIN = x
Minimum output value (clipping). (Default = -infinity.)

MAX = x
Maximum output value (clipping). (Default = infinity)

Absolute value, truth value. (Default = false). If set to true, the result will be always positive.