GNU Telephony Meeting 2012-04-23

When: 2012-04-23
Where: IRC, Freenode, channel friendica
Time: 22:30 GMT+1
Topic: Second IRC meeting 2012 - review action items from last time, agenda

HaakonME	Good evening from Norway! :)
HaakonME	The log of the first GNU Telephony meeting of 2012 can be found at
HaakonME	The log from the second meeting will be at
HaakonME	Some updates since last time
HaakonME	GNU Telephony has set up a new Mantis installation at
thomas____	hey... i didn't joined last time...just saaw the reminder i my stream and want to have a look around
HaakonME	We've tried to have our blog included into, but for the time being we are not considered Debian developers.
HaakonME	Hi, Thomas - welcome! :)
thomas____	hey  :-)
thomas____	so simonlou is missing?
HaakonME	So far. :)
thomas____	and dyfet .-)
HaakonME	Yep.
thomas____	i just have a small lok to protokol from last time
HaakonME	In the screenshot / video tutorial department, I've managed to add three small articles: and
HaakonME	Great, Thomas!
HaakonME	Squeeze didn't like it, but I've added all 2012 months and week numbers under the Activity plan. He argues there is no point in having a lot of empty weeks, and I agree. I just don't like to look up calender items many times, and now everyone can add things with little effort. :)
HaakonME	The GNU Free Call roadmap with milestones and activity plan is at
simonlnu	here
HaakonME	Hello, Simon! :)
simonlnu	hi
thomas____	nice :-)
HaakonME	I've just added some info items. :)
simonlnu	ok
HaakonME	And Thomas has joined us! :D
simonlnu	i'm logging now
HaakonME	Great! I have logging too, in case we need a backup.
HaakonME	To recap, I've just said we now have a new bug tracker at , three small screenshot articles are in the wiki, and the activity plan awaits our activity. :)
simonlnu	ah nice
HaakonME	Are there any upcoming conferences we should attend that didn't get metioned last time? I've heard video will soon be available from LibrePlanet2012.
HaakonME	While you think about that, I will say something about donations.
simonlnu	not that i know of, but i don't keep track either ;)
HaakonME	Okay, perhaps we can say something about this in the next meeting.
HaakonME	David suggests May 21 for the third meeting
simonlnu	good for me
HaakonME	Good for me too. :)
HaakonME	The FSF's Working Together for Free Software Fund is a way to give donations to the FSF and direct the donation to your favourite project.
HaakonME	So far GNU Octave has done really well, and we haven't. I took a look at their web site, and they have a nice donation form and a screenshot on the front page.
simonlnu	would be simple to hook that in i imagine
HaakonME	Their donation form has $50 as the default, and we have $25 on "our" page at the FSF.
HaakonME	Well, Mediawiki requires a form extension.
HaakonME	Anyway, I've reorganized the the front page at There is now a very visible orange donation box in the top right corner, a CSipSimple screenshot just below.
HaakonME	It's a start. :)
simonlnu	cool *checks it out*
simonlnu	very obvious ;)
HaakonME	Directed donations work this way: a project signs a contract with the FSF. The money does not go to the project, but to the FSF, which is a legitimate foundation.
HaakonME	:)
simonlnu	and then they redirect that project-specific donation to the project? (restating to be clear)
HaakonME	No, not as such. By supplying receits and other needed documentation for our expenses, we can ask the FSF to support us.
HaakonME	If a project stops, then the FSF must use the donated amounts to further Free Software.
HaakonME	This is different from say, Kickstarter.
HaakonME	Hello, David! :)
dyfet		Hi!
HaakonME	We are just about to start talking about promoting donations and discuss thinks like Kickstarter.
dyfet		cool
simonlnu	ah ok
HaakonME	How can we promote our new, shiny orange donation box - any suggestions? :)
simonlnu	donation links to the page, maybe make a specific page to handle it
HaakonME	I didn't understand that
simonlnu	make a Donations page, and have info there (link to it on the main page), and then c&p the link to the Donations page here and there
simonlnu	(oh, and you can get rid of that /index.php/ stuff easily ;)
simonlnu	hey dyfet 
dyfet mean on the wiki site?
simonlnu	yes
dyfet		Well,  at the time they did not have rewrite rules on ibliblio...
dyfet		And I think we have external links anchored to them now...
simonlnu	nm then. 
dyfet		So I am not sure it is least the rewrite rules issue remains...
HaakonME	If we add form capability to Mediawiki, then we can have a nice form like GNU Octave - it worked for them. :)
dyfet		Well, if there is an extension for it, it should be easy to add
dyfet		That much we can do :)
HaakonME and some other pages discuss this.
simonlnu	side issue anyway (i tend to do that, sorry). why i was suggesting a separate page is because the front page looks really busy, and it would be nice to have the info clear and not distracted by other things.
simonlnu	ah cool
dyfet		Just need the link to download the extension...
dyfet		simonlnu: true...maybe this is a good time to discuss reorg of the wiki site in general too
HaakonME	+1 Noted for next time
dyfet		+1 agreed
HaakonME	Great, Simon! :)
HaakonME	Okay, this will make it easier to donate. How to promote?
dyfet		simonlnu: I think we have to upgrade our mediawiki for it I think also....okay, it will be a little bit longer :)
simonlnu	stick the link in your sig on various sites, e.g.. in READMEs, 
HaakonME	+1
HaakonME	Github
simonlnu	and other files where relevant. 
dyfet		simonlnu: CustomUserCreateForm is compatible...
HaakonME	Welcome, Squeeze! :)
simonlnu	hi [squeeze] 
[squeeze]	we hi @all got confused with the timezones finally
[squeeze]	well*
[squeeze]	i'm sorry that i missed it
HaakonME	We have talked some about why the FSF's Working Together for Free Software fits well with us. Another thing is that people who donate to the FSF get tax benefit in the USA, and other paper work. :)
simonlnu	that's important for certain types of donators
dyfet		We do have this problem with timezones ;)
simonlnu	timezones suck :p
HaakonME	The big donation question was if we should look into Kickstarter or similar. Personally, I fear we raise expectations about quick results if/when we reach the stated target amount. If we don't deliver, then people might grumble about what happened to their money, which is transferred once the target goal is reached.
dyfet		HaakonME: Well...I can only think about dispora when you say that...
simonlnu	yeh really
HaakonME	There was a heated article and discussion last week on /.
dyfet		Well, we do not want to do what they did...I think that is clear
simonlnu	agreed
dyfet		So I understand Haakon's caution
simonlnu	flattr?
HaakonME	What's that?
[squeeze]	+1
simonlnu	(i have no experience witt flattr, so if i'm full of it, please say so)
simonlnu	with*
simonlnu	an alternate to paypal, AIUI
dyfet		I had not heard of it before either
simonlnu	also handles donations and similar
HaakonME	Okay, we can check it out. Noted.
simonlnu	then we can avoid the "target goal" stuff and not put expectations into people
dyfet		agreed
HaakonME	As David knows, I've tried to get government and others interested, and have had some initial success - they have discussed us - but so far unsuccessfully.
simonlnu	and, if wanted, we can do the fsf thing too, as an alternate (for people/orgs that require a receipt)
HaakonME	+1
dyfet		And my second nsf grant submission also died....
simonlnu	ah damn
HaakonME	Too bad
simonlnu	always next time ;)
dyfet		appearently the govt is more interested in projects that promote security through spying rather than grants that promote security from it....
simonlnu	hmm. kinda figures.
simonlnu	brb, making coffee
simonlnu	aren't they supposed to be impartial? ;)
HaakonME	Okay, let's first push the FSF fund, and see what we find out about other channels next time. We have a request from RMS.
simonlnu	sweet. can't get cooler than that
dyfet		+1 agreed fsf fund effort
simonlnu	affirmative here too
HaakonME	His e-mail signature says no to Skype, then links to a page about in the FSF Software directory. This does not make sense, and he wants a better page.
HaakonME	I've started this -
dyfet		Hmm...I like this
simonlnu	can easily make a page in the wiki to handle stuff like that.. like you did :)
dyfet		And I always did like your "GNU SIP Freely" as a slogan
HaakonME	He wants a page that describes alternatives to Skype and other proprietary telephony software.
HaakonME	Thanks, David! I think we came up with that one together. :)
simonlnu	ah yes, that would a perfect page for the project :)
simonlnu	where better? ;)
dyfet		Just needs a donate link? ;)
HaakonME	;-)
simonlnu	;)
HaakonME	Okay, I've linked the CSipSimple, Linphone and GNU SIP Witch articles into it, but if some of you can do screenshots of the other apps, that would be great.
simonlnu	i have jitsi installed and working, so i can do that
HaakonME	+1
HaakonME	I will try to do Sipdroid with video, but I haven't tried it yet.
dyfet		I can do twinkle and sflphone
HaakonME	+2
HaakonME	Okay, I think we have this covered. Let's move on to gnunet.
HaakonME	David, you suggested using gnunet for peer-to-peer dns.
HaakonME	Can you say something about this?
dyfet		This I only head about recently.  They have implimented peer to peer dns.  I believe you create and exchange .xxx.gnunet addresses
dyfet		Since we do use dns for resolving sip uri's, this means we can do something like sip:someone@something.somewhere.gnunet and maybe not have too much work :)
simonlnu	omg
simonlnu	:D
HaakonME	+1
dyfet		I am not sure how they do the interchange, I have to set it up and try it out :)
HaakonME	Okay, let us know next time if time allows. :)
dyfet		Okay...and of course, if it is pure dns, we can do things with it with friendica too :)
simonlnu	yep
HaakonME	Nice! :)
HaakonME	Next item, packaging sflphone for debian, jitsi tutorial
simonlnu	"i highlighted the sip contact ;)"
[squeeze]	sflphone is packaged for debian
dyfet		Is it??  Last I checked I did not find it...
simonlnu	"yup. dunno if it's in squeeze or not (not you [squeeze] you know what i mean ;)"
[squeeze]	:D
simonlnu	oh ok
HaakonME	It is. :)
dyfet		Ah, they are behind 1.0 release though...but still, cool!  Maybe we will have a later package in our archive :)  and if needed a backport to squeeze...
HaakonME	"Simon, can you do a Jitsi tutorial in relation to Sipwitch?"
simonlnu	"i suppose. there isn't much to it, it's dead easy."
[squeeze]	"1.0.1 is in testing already, 102 in sid"
HaakonME	+
HaakonME	+1
dyfet		they have 1.01 in wheezy...0.9.8 in squeeze...
simonlnu	"for things like this, it's best to have the latest stuff. having a backport in b.d.o would be good"
dyfet		I dont know why I didnt see it before...
dyfet		I think 1.0.2 has latest zrtp code, though.  So yes, for that reason...we can do it off the sid package...."
[squeeze]	:)
simonlnu	"maybe you filed it in your ""too old"" category :P"
HaakonME	"Okay, guys, I've got to go, but remaining items are public portal, chat room, hosting with hipatia. Good night, everyone! :)"
simonlnu	g'night HaakonME
[squeeze]	good night
[squeeze]	:)
simonlnu	friends. was going to be a friendica instance, right?
[squeeze]	yes
dyfet		Yes
dyfet		It made sense :)
simonlnu	a chat room can be easily set up with a jabber install
dyfet		I was hoping we might have Charles here....
simonlnu	"hook it up with BOSH in jappixmini, and ding, we have a chat, *and* friendica"
dyfet		simonlnu: we actually have a
[squeeze]	nice
simonlnu	"perfect. i should hook up with that then, from here ;)"
simonlnu	hosting with hipatia... so how is that set up?
dyfet		I was concerned on using the hipatia hosting when they were...down for so long...
simonlnu	ah yeh
dyfet		I had a hipatia experience like that several years ago with my journal wiki :)
dyfet		I think that was the last thing Haakon had on the list for today...
simonlnu	ok
dyfet		do we have any other items?
dyfet		I think squeeze had proposed #gnutelephony on freenode
simonlnu	"checking.. ah yes, that would be a good idea"
[squeeze]	well that would be nice
dyfet		Agreed...who wants to register it? :)
[squeeze]	the admin?
[squeeze]	you?
[squeeze]	:-)
dyfet		I can :)
dyfet		Doing the form now :)
simonlnu	"oh, there was some talk of setting up a forum. personally, i'd be more in favour of having the friendica instance, as it suits the project better. maybe later we can set one up, if anyone asks."
[squeeze]	+1
dyfet		"Yes, sounds so very right too :)"
simonlnu	it does
[squeeze]	maybe with a nice introduction page (if thats possible)
simonlnu	"friendica supports having an home.html page, we can easily do that"
[squeeze]	really?
simonlnu	just save it in the top-most fd dir
[squeeze]	"nice, thanks for the hint :-)"
simonlnu	it's shown on login and some other top-most pages
simonlnu	"ack-grep -a 'home.html' ;)"
dyfet		sent in request for #gnutelephony channel :)
simonlnu	yay
dyfet		Next meeting 5/21 in #gnutelephony? :)
simonlnu	sound good to me
[squeeze]	perfect
dyfet		any other things or are we done for today?
[squeeze]	too bad i missed it
[squeeze]	that's it i guess
dyfet		I have come to appreciate we cannot have these later for its late for Haakon...
simonlnu	i think that's it
dyfet		Maybe we will have adhoc mini meetings too....:)  that may cover time better
simonlnu	*nods*
[squeeze]	well see you all at #gnutelephony
simonlnu	woot
dyfet		already there :)