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GNU Go Documentation

User's manual 1. Introduction  What is GNU Go ? 2. Installation  Installing GNU Go 3. Using GNU Go  Using GNU Go

An introduction to the GNU Go engine 4. GNU Go engine overview  Overview of the GNU Go engine 5. Analyzing GNU Go's moves  Analyzing GNU Go's moves 6. Move generation  How GNU Go generates moves 7. Worms and Dragons  Dragons and Worms 8. Eyes and Half Eyes  Eyes and half eyes 9. The Pattern Code  Pattern database 11. Tactical reading  Tactical and Connection Reading 12. Pattern Based Reading  Pattern Based Reading: Owl and Combinations 13. Influence Function  Influence Function 14. Monte Carlo Go  Monte Carlo GNU Go

Infrastructure and Interfaces 15. The Board Library  The basic go board library. 16. Handling SGF trees in memory  Handling SGF trees in memory 10. The DFA pattern matcher  The DFA Pattern Matcher 18. Utility Functions  ‘utils.c’ and ‘printutils.c17. Application Programmers Interface to GNU Go  API to the GNU Go engine 19. The Go Text Protocol  The Go Text Protocol 20. Regression testing  Regression testing

Appendices A. Copying  Software and Documentation Licenses

Indices Concept Index  Concept Index Functions Index  Functions Index

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