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3.1.2 Command line

This is a brief description of the command line arguments.

-h print this help message

-v print the version number

-c use ANSI colors

-b don't use ANSI colors

-l don't use the last screen character

-p output final path at exit

The -p option can be used to make gitfm force bash (assuming that you're using it as your shell) chdir to the last directory gitfm was in before quitting. In order to do this, you need to invoke gitfm using this function (put it into your .profile):

function g
    gitfm -p $ 3> /tmp/gitfm.p.$$

    if test -s /tmp/gitfm.p.$$; then
	if test -d "`cat /tmp/gitfm.p.$$`"; then
	    cd "`cat /tmp/gitfm.p.$$`"

    rm -f /tmp/gitfm.p.$$

This will not work if you suspend gitfm. Nothing bad will happen, just the chdir will not be performed.

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