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3.1.3 Panel modes

gitfm has three major modes of displaying the panels. In the first (default) mode, two panels are displayed, each one using half of the screen. In the second mode, only one panel uses the entire screen. In the third mode, only the status bar and the input line are displayed, both panels being hidden.

Briefly, a panel can use the entire screen or just half of it. Even when a panel is hidden, it still exists.

Users can switch between these three major modes as needed:

^X 0

Enlarges the other panel to use the entire screen.  It also changes the
minor mode to ‘Enable all’.  The current panel will become
invisible (‘enlarge-other-panel’).

^X 1

Enlarges the current panel to use the entire screen.  It also changes
the minor mode to ‘Enable all’.  The other panel will become
invisible (‘enlarge-panel’).

^X 2

Switches back to the two panel mode (‘two-panel-mode’).

^O, ESC o

Switches to the tty mode (no panels on the screen) (‘tty-mode’).

A panel displays the files and subdirectories in a directory. You can optionally specify some additional information about each entry (file, directory, …) to be displayed (a minor mode).

When using the full screen mode, all the minor modes here can be used. In half screen mode, the ‘panel-enable-all’ mode is not available.

These are the panel minor modes:

ESC e o

Display the entry owner and group (‘panel-enable-owner-group’).

ESC e d

Display the entry date and time (‘panel-enable-date-time’).

ESC e s

Display the entry size (‘panel-enable-size’).


Display the entry size, scaled (e.g. ‘123M’) (‘panel-enable-abbrevsize’).

ESC e m

Display the entry mode (‘panel-enable-mode’).

ESC e f

Display the entry full name (‘panel-enable-full-name’).

ESC e a

Display the entire information about file (‘panel-enable-all’).
This mode is only available if the panel has been enlarged to use the
entire screen with ‘enlarge-panel’ or ‘enlarge-other-panel’

There is another way of changing the panel minor modes:

^], ^[]

Switches to the next panel minor mode (‘panel-enable-next-mode’).

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