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4.2.2 The global setup section

In this section the variables have only one field.


This variable should be set to ‘ON’ if the terminal supports standard ‘ANSI’ color sequences. Otherwise it should be ‘OFF’. If ‘AnsiColors’ is ‘ON’, ‘GITxxx-Color’ sections will be used in the configuration files ‘gnuitrc.TERM’. Otherwise, GNUIT interactive programs will use the ‘GITxxx-Monochrome’ sections.


This variable is used for terminals that can't write on the last character of the screen without scrolling the entire screen. If your terminal has no problem writing there (Linux console, vt100, vt102, xterm, ...) set it to ‘ON’. Otherwise (hpterm), it should be ‘OFF’.


This variable specifies the scroll step initial value for both panels.

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