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Some commands that don't displaying any useful information if successfully complete their execution: mount, chmod, chown, chgrp, sync ... and, if an error occurs, a line or two are sent to stderr. If this option is 'y', the stdout and stderr will be redirected to some files (‘git.1.pid’ and ‘git.2.pid’, where pid is gitfm's pid) and only if the command's exit code is not 0, the ‘git.2.pid’ file will be displayed, line by line, onto the status bar. This way the panels will not be deleted and then repainted and the command appears to be built-in. ‘git.1.pid’ and ‘git.2.pid’ are created in the temporary directory specified in the TMPDIR environment variable (or "/tmp" if TMPDIR is not defined). The default value of the hide field is 'n'.

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