GNUMP3d v2.x development

Version 1.0 of GNUMP3d was feature complete when it was released; to the limits I set myself when I originally started coding it.

Why another release, then?

For future versions of GNUMP3d I'd like to concentrate on improving the stability, and reliability of the current codebase - as well as adding some new features.

Some of then new features I'm anticipating are:

Current Development

With the need to organize voting and ranking I'm tending towards the idea that some sort of database is required. (This doesn't necessarily have to be a "real" database - flat files could well be good enough).

To this end I started putting together a Perl release of GNUMP3d, this was originally intended to be a prototype system; but soon it was almost completely compatible with the existing release. At this point I decided Perl was the way of the future!.

If you'd like to look at the code you can see it online via the online gnump3d2 CVS repository - to check your copy please see the instructions on the CVS page

Right now development has mostly ceased, the code is complete even without the proposed voting functionality.

Most of the users of the software appreciate the simplicity of the code, and the lack of dependencies to install to get it up and running. It seems likely that only minor upgrades will be made in the future, however encouragement or specific requests might change this.