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Uses of Interpreter.Goal in gnu.prolog.vm

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm that return Interpreter.Goal
 Interpreter.Goal Interpreter.prepareGoal(Term term)
          prepare goal for execution If this is called before the Goal which was previously prepared but has not yet been stopped is stopped then we save that state so we can jump back to it when this goal has been stopped.

Methods in gnu.prolog.vm with parameters of type Interpreter.Goal
 int Interpreter.execute(Interpreter.Goal goal)
          Execute the Interpreter.Goal and return the status code indicating how successful this was.
 void Interpreter.stop(Interpreter.Goal goal)
          Once the goal has been finished with and if the goal has not been stopped (as it will have been if SUCCESS_LAST or FAIL has been returned) then Interpreter.stop(Goal) should be run.

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