The logo contest is now over

The winner is Claus Schrammel (see his submission). All other logos listed here are property of their authors, and are only listed here for historical reasons.

The gnuTLS project is in the process of looking for a logo. gnuTLS is a library implementing a secure layer over a reliable transport layer (ie. TCP/IP). Currently gnuTLS implements the protocols TLS 1.0 and SSL 3.0.

The logo should meet the following criteria:

and also:

Entries should be sent to .

The winner (decided by the gnuTLS developers) will be awarded with eternal honor and fame. Other than that, an e-mail address at will be offered.

More information on gnutls can be found at:
More information on this contest can be found at:


Fabio Fabio Drieghe Dieter Alexandra
Fabio Fiorina Fabio Fiorina Manu Drieghe Dieter Brandl Alexandra Hauer
Alexandra Manuel Niels Niels Javier
Alexandra Hauer Manuel Wiedner Niels Grewe Niels Grewe Javier Valencia
David Rafael Claus Claus Daniel
David Campillos Rafael Gálvez-Cañero Claus Schrammel Claus Schrammel Daniel de Antonio
Alex Alex Carlos Koichi Simon
Alex Polonsky Carlos Arnal Carlos Arnal Koichi Okada Simon Josefsson
Simon Simon Simon Jens
Simon Josefsson Simon Josefsson Simon Josefsson Jens-D. Neppe