2.2. The Recipe

The Recipe screen is for entering a list of foods and their quantities.

The foods are entered as described above. After you have entered all the foods in the recipe, you can press on the ``Compute'' icon, a nutrient report for the whole recipe is produced, again similar in format to a single food.

Recipes can be saved to disk to form a collection of recipes, by pressing on the ``Save'' icon. make sure you give the recipe a name and a category. These saved recipes can be retrieved by typing in the name int the ``Recipe Name'' box and pressing Search.

2.2.1. Submitting a Recipe

Recipes can also be saved to a central repository at by clicking on the ``Submit'' icon. I urge you to do this whenever you create a recipe. This way, a reasonable collection of recipes can be included with later versions of the program. Before you submit, you must click through a copyright warning, to allow the recipes to be included in future versions. Please do not submit copyrighted recipes!