Analysis::RayFan class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Analysis/RayFan>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Analysis {
class RayFan;

This class is a member of the Analysis namespace.


This class is designed to compute various ray fan plots.

See also Performing a ray fan analysis section and Plotting ray fans section.


See also the full member list section for this class.



Members detail  

RayFan(const Sys::System &system, rayfan_plane_e plane = TangentialAberration)  

No documentation available

Trace::Distribution & get_distribution()  

Get internal distribution object

Get aberration plot, requested x value is plotted against requested y value.

void invalidate()  

Invalidate current analysis data and raytrace again on next plot request

enum rayfan_plane_e  

Specify aberration analysis plane on target surface


enum rayfan_plot_type_e  

Specify ray aberration values to plot. Angle and Distance aberrations values are considered in selected aberration plane. Entrance Height and Angle are considered in selected distribution plane.

EntranceHeightNormalized ray height (radial distance) on entrance pupil
EntranceAngleAngle of ray on entrance pupil
TransverseDistanceDistance on the surface from the intercept of the chief ray
LongitudinalDistanceDistance along the chief ray from the surface to the measured ray.
ImageAngleAngle of ray striking the target surface
ExitAngleAngle of ray leaving (generated by) the target surface
OpticalPathDiffOptical path difference in waves

void set_aberration_plane(rayfan_plane_e plane)  

Aberrations are considered in the given plane on the target surface. Default is to use the same plane as entrance pupil ray distribution plane.

void set_entrance_surface(const Sys::Surface &s)  

Specify entrance pupil surface to use for analysis, query system for entrance pupil if none defined here.

void set_longitudinal_reference(const Math::VectorPair3 &ref)  

Set longitudinal reference ray (local to target surface). Longitudinal aberration computes distance between each rays and target surface plane along this reference vector. Default value is along the Z axis.

void set_plane(rayfan_plane_e plane)  

Set entrance pupil ray distribution plane.

void set_target_surface(const Sys::Surface &s)  

Specify target surface (image or exit pupil) to use for analysis, query system for image surface if none defined here.

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