Analysis::Spot class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Analysis/Spot>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Analysis {
class Spot;

This class is a member of the Analysis namespace.


This class is designed to plot spot diagram and perform related analysis.

See also Plotting spot diagram section and Using the new model in optical design section.


See also the full member list section for this class.


Members detail  

Spot(Sys::System &system)  

No documentation available

void draw_diagram(Io::RendererViewport &renderer, bool centroid_origin = true)  

draw the spot diagram

void draw_spot(Io::RendererViewport &renderer)  

draw the rays intersection points only

Math::Vector3 get_center()  

Get spot window center

const Math::Vector3 & get_centroid()  

Get spot centroid

Io::RendererAxes & get_diagram_axes()  

Get a reference to axes object rendered with spot diagram. Io::RendererAxes coordinates are updated on ray trace.

double get_encircled_intensity(double radius)  

Get amount of light intensity which falls in given radius from spot center

ref<Data::Plot> get_encircled_intensity_plot(int zones = 100)  

Get encircled energy plot

double get_max_radius()  

Get spot maximum radius

double get_rms_radius()  

Get spot root mean square radius

double get_total_intensity()  

Get amount of light intensity in the whole spot

virtual void invalidate()  

This virtual function implements the invalidate pure function declared in the PointImage base abstract class.

Documentation inherited from base class:

invalidate current analysis data

void set_useful_radius(double radius)  

Set radius used for diagram drawing and encircled plots. Updated with spot max radius on ray trace

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