Data::PlotData class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Data/PlotData>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Data {
class PlotData;

This class is a member of the Data namespace.


This class is used to describe a data set as part of a data plot. It contains a pointer to the data set and plotting informations (title, color, ...)


See also the full member list section for this class.


Members detail  

PlotData(const const_ref<Set> &s)  

Create a new data plot descriptor which describe the specified dataset.

void disable_style(PlotStyleMask style)  

Disable a plotting style

void enable_style(PlotStyleMask style)  

Enable a plotting style

const Io::Rgb & get_color() const  

Set data set plotting color

const std::string & get_label() const  

Get data set plotting label

const Set & get_set() const  

Get the described data set

PlotStyleMask get_style() const  

Get the plotting style mask

void set_color(const Io::Rgb &color)  

Set data set plotting color

void set_label(const std::string &title)  

Set data set plotting label

void set_style(PlotStyleMask style)  

Set the plotting style mask

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