Material::Catalog class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Material/Catalog>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Material {
class Catalog;

This class is a member of the Material namespace.



Hold a glass material catalog


See also the full member list section for this class.


  • Catalog(const std::string &name = [...])
  • void add_material(const std::string &material_name, const const_ref<Base> &material)
  • void del_material(const std::string &material_name)
  • const Base & get_material(const std::string &material_name)
  • const std::string & get_name() const
  • void set_name(const std::string &name)

Members detail  

Catalog(const std::string &name = "")  

Create a catalog with given name

void add_material(const std::string &material_name, const const_ref<Base> &material)  

Add a material to catalog. material object will be deleted on catalog destruction if owner is set.

void del_material(const std::string &material_name)  

Remove a material from catalog

const Base & get_material(const std::string &material_name)  

Get material with given name

const std::string & get_name() const  

Get catalog name

void set_name(const std::string &name)  

Set catalog name

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