Trace::Tracer class reference
[Core module]


#include <Goptical/Trace/Tracer>

namespace Goptical {
namespace Trace {
class Tracer;

This class is a member of the Trace namespace.


This class handle light propagation in an optical system.

Propagation result is stored in a Result object. Propagation parameters are stored in a Params object.

See also Performing light propagation section.


See also the full member list section for this class.


Members detail  

Tracer(const const_ref<Sys::System> &system)  

Create a new Light porpagator object


No documentation available

const Params & get_params() const  

get tracer parameters

Params & get_params()  

get tracer parameters

const Sys::System & get_system() const  

Get attached system

Result & get_trace_result() const  

No documentation available

Result & set_default_trace_result()  

Undefine user defined Result object. Next ray trace operation will allocate a new internal trace result object

void set_params(const Params &params)  

replace all tracer parameters

void set_trace_result(Result &res)  

Set the Result object which must be used to store ray tracing data. a new Result object will be allocated on first ray trace operation if none were defined.

void trace()  

Launch ray tracing operation

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