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You may need to indent a region of text while otherwise formatting it normally. Indented regions can be nested; you can change \n[PI] before each call to vary the amount of inset.

Macro: .RS

Begin a region where headings, paragraphs, and displays are indented (further) by the amount stored in the PI register.

Macro: .RE

End the (next) most recent indented region.

This feature enables you to easily line up text under hanging and indented paragraphs. For example, you may wish to structure lists hierarchically.

.IP \[bu] 2
.IP \[bu]
.IP \[bu]
.IP \[bu]
and Howe.
.IP \[bu]
• Lawyers:

  •  Dewey,

  •  Cheatham, and

  •  Howe.

• Guns