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Several macros described in the Unix Version 7 ms documentation are unimplemented by groff ms because they are specific to the requirements of documents produced internally by Bell Laboratories, some of which also require a glyph for the Bell System logo that groff does not support. These macros implemented several document type formats (EG, IM, MF, MR, TM, TR), were meaningful only in conjunction with the use of certain document types (AT, CS, CT, OK, SG), stored the postal addresses of Bell Labs sites (HO, IH, MH, PY, WH), or lacked a stable definition over time (UX). To compatibly render historical ms documents using these macros, we advise your documents to invoke the rm request to remove any such macros it uses and then define replacements with an authentically typeset original at hand.17 For informal purposes, a simple definition of UX should maintain the readability of the document’s substance.

.rm UX
.ds UX Unix\"