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The groff -ms macros have a few minor extensions compared to the AT&T troff -ms macros.

Macro: .AM

Improved accent marks. See ms Strings and Special Characters, for details.

Macro: .DS I

Indented display. The default behavior of AT&T troff -ms was to indent; the groff default prints displays flush left with the body text.

Macro: .CW

Print text in constant width (Courier) font.

Macro: .IX

Indexing term (printed on standard error). You can write a script to capture and process an index generated in this manner.

The following additional number registers appear in groff -ms:

Register: \n[MINGW]

Specifies a minimum space between columns (for multi-column output); this takes the place of the GW register that was documented but apparently not implemented in AT&T troff.

Several new string registers are available as well. You can change these to handle (for example) the local language. See ms Strings and Special Characters, for details.