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Appendix C Escape Index

Any escape sequence \X with X not in the list below emits a warning, printing glyph X.

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Index Entry  Section

\: Using Symbols
\!: Diversions
\": Comments
\#: Comments
\$: Parameters
\$*: Parameters
\$0: Parameters
\$@: Parameters
\$^: Parameters
\%: Manipulating Hyphenation
\&: Ligatures and Kerning
\': Using Symbols
\): Ligatures and Kerning
\*: Strings
\,: Ligatures and Kerning
\-: Using Symbols
\.: Character Translations
\/: Ligatures and Kerning
\0: Page Motions
\:: Manipulating Hyphenation
\?: Diversions
\A: Identifiers
\a: Leaders
\B: Expressions
\b: Drawing Requests
\c: Line Control
\C: Using Symbols
\d: Page Motions
\D: Drawing Requests
\e: Character Translations
\E: Character Translations
\f: Changing Fonts
\F: Font Families
\f: Font Positions
\g: Assigning Formats
\H: Artificial Fonts
\h: Page Motions
\k: Page Motions
\l: Drawing Requests
\L: Drawing Requests
\m: Colors
\M: Colors
\n: Interpolating Registers
\n: Auto-increment
\N: Using Symbols
\o: Page Motions
\O: Suppressing output
\p: Manipulating Filling and Adjusting
\R: Setting Registers
\R: Setting Registers
\r: Page Motions
\RET: Line Control
\S: Artificial Fonts
\s: Changing Type Sizes
\SP: Page Motions
\t: Tabs and Fields
\u: Page Motions
\v: Page Motions
\V: I/O
\w: Page Motions
\x: Manipulating Spacing
\X: Postprocessor Access
\Y: Postprocessor Access
\z: Page Motions
\Z: Page Motions
\\: Character Translations
\^: Page Motions
\_: Using Symbols
\`: Using Symbols
\{: if-else
\|: Page Motions
\}: if-else
\~: Page Motions

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