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7.4.1 Invoking gropdf

The postprocessor gropdf accepts the following command-line options:


Produce uncompressed PDFs that include debugging comments.


This forces gropdf to embed all used fonts in the PDF, even if they are one of the 14 base Adobe fonts.


Put the directory dir/devname in front of the search path for the font, prologue and device description files, given the target device name, usually pdf.


This forces the use of a different font foundry.


Use landscape orientation.


Set the page dimensions. Overrides the commands papersize, paperlength, and paperwidth in the DESC file. See the groff_font(5) manual page for details.


Print the version number.


Append a comment line to end of PDF showing statistics, i.e. number of pages in document. Ghostscript’s ps2pdf(1) complains about this line if it is included, but works anyway.


gropdf normally includes a ToUnicode CMap with any font created using text.enc as the encoding file, this makes it easier to search for words that contain ligatures. You can include your own CMap by specifying a filename or have no CMap at all by omitting the filename.