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7.3.1 Invoking grops

The postprocessor grops accepts the following command-line options:


Use backward compatibility settings given by flags as documented in the grops(1) manual page. Overrides the command broken in the DESC file.


Print n copies of each page.


Put the directory dir/devname in front of the search path for the font, prologue and device description files, given the target device name, usually ps.


Tell the printer to guess the page length. Useful for printing vertically centered pages when the paper dimensions are determined at print time.


Consider the directory path for searching included files specified with relative paths. The current directory is searched as fallback.


Use landscape orientation.


Use manual feed.


Set the page dimensions. Overrides the commands papersize, paperlength, and paperwidth in the DESC file. See the groff_font(5) manual page for details.


Use the prologue in the font path as the prologue instead of the default prologue. Overrides the environment variable GROPS_PROLOGUE.


Set the line thickness to n/1000em. Overrides the default value n = 40.


Print the version number.