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7.8.2 grohtml specific registers and strings

— Register: \n[ps4html]
— String: \*[www-image-template]

The registers ps4html and www-image-template are defined by the pre-grohtml preprocessor. pre-grohtml reads in the troff input, marks up the inline equations and passes the result firstly to

          troff -Tps -rps4html=1 -dwww-image-template=template

and secondly to

          troff -Thtml


          troff -Txhtml

The PostScript device is used to create all the image files (for -Thtml; if -Txhtml is used, all equations are passed to geqn to produce MathML, and the register ps4html enables the macro sets to ignore floating keeps, footers, and headings.

The register www-image-template is set to the user specified template name or the default name.