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The ms macro package has a flexible footnote system. You can specify either numbered footnotes or symbolic footnotes (that is, using a marker such as a dagger symbol).

String: \*[*]

Specifies the location of a numbered footnote marker in the text.

Macro: .FS
Macro: .FE

Specifies the text of the footnote. The default action is to create a numbered footnote; you can create a symbolic footnote by specifying a mark glyph (such as \[dg] for the dagger glyph) in the body text and as an argument to the FS macro, followed by the text of the footnote and the FE macro.

You can control how groff prints footnote numbers by changing the value of the FF register. See ms Document Control Registers.

Footnotes can be safely used within keeps and displays, but you should avoid using numbered footnotes within floating keeps. You can set a second \** marker between a \** and its corresponding .FS entry; as long as each FS macro occurs after the corresponding \** and the occurrences of .FS are in the same order as the corresponding occurrences of \**.