Bug Reports

NOTE: For general information on how to report bugs, How to Report Bugs Effectively is worth reading.

When you encounter a problem or a bug, check if the Bug Tracking System stores the same problem. Also, take a look at the GNU GRUB FAQ. This may have a useful suggestion about your problem.

Very often, people ask us their questions with little or even no information about their systems. That's quite useless, because we have to guess what you did, what was displayed and what really happened. Please notice that we may not see your computer directly. So, whenever you report a bug, you must include enough information so that we can understand what happened and even reproduce your problem in our own machines.

Once you have realized how to write a bug report, please submit it to the Bug Tracking System with information about your computer and what you did as much as possible. Excessive information is always better than no information.

If you prefer using electronic mail, you can submit a report to the mailing list <bug-grub@gnu.org>.