chain-load is the mechanism for loading unsupported operating systems by loading another boot loader. It is typically used for loading DOS or Windows.


The NetBSD/i386 kernel is Multiboot-compliant, but lacks support for Multiboot modules.


Only CRC32 data integrity check is supported (xz default is CRC64 so one should use –check=crc32 option). LZMA BCJ filters are supported.


There are a few pathological cases where loading a very badly organized ELF kernel might take longer, but in practice this never happen.


The LInux LOader, a boot loader that everybody uses, but nobody likes.


El Torito is a specification for bootable CD using BIOS functions.


Currently a backslash-newline pair within a variable name is not handled properly, so use this feature with some care.


However, this behavior will be changed in the future version, in a user-invisible way.


Current implementation of cryptsetup supports only 512/1024/2048/4096 byte sectors