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16.2.1 serial

Command: serial [--unit=unit] [--port=port] [--speed=speed] [--word=word] [--parity=parity] [--stop=stop]

Initialize a serial device. unit is a number in the range 0-3 specifying which serial port to use; default is 0, which corresponds to the port often called COM1. port is the I/O port where the UART is to be found; if specified it takes precedence over unit. speed is the transmission speed; default is 9600. word and stop are the number of data bits and stop bits. Data bits must be in the range 5-8 and stop bits must be 1 or 2. Default is 8 data bits and one stop bit. parity is one of ‘no’, ‘odd’, ‘even’ and defaults to ‘no’.

The serial port is not used as a communication channel unless the terminal_input or terminal_output command is used (see terminal_input, see terminal_output).

See also Serial terminal.