gsasl  1.8.0
digest-md5/parser.h File Reference
#include "tokens.h"

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int digest_md5_getsubopt (char **optionp, const char *const *tokens, char **valuep)
int digest_md5_parse_challenge (const char *challenge, size_t len, digest_md5_challenge *out)
int digest_md5_parse_response (const char *response, size_t len, digest_md5_response *out)
int digest_md5_parse_finish (const char *finish, size_t len, digest_md5_finish *out)

Function Documentation

int digest_md5_getsubopt ( char **  optionp,
const char *const *  tokens,
char **  valuep 

Definition at line 46 of file getsubopt.c.

int digest_md5_parse_challenge ( const char *  challenge,
size_t  len,
digest_md5_challenge out 

Definition at line 569 of file digest-md5/parser.c.

int digest_md5_parse_finish ( const char *  finish,
size_t  len,
digest_md5_finish out 

Definition at line 603 of file digest-md5/parser.c.

int digest_md5_parse_response ( const char *  response,
size_t  len,
digest_md5_response out 

Definition at line 586 of file digest-md5/parser.c.