gsasl  1.8.0
saslprep.c File Reference
#include "internal.h"

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int gsasl_saslprep (const char *in, Gsasl_saslprep_flags flags, char **out, int *stringpreprc)

Function Documentation

int gsasl_saslprep ( const char *  in,
Gsasl_saslprep_flags  flags,
char **  out,
int *  stringpreprc 


ina UTF-8 encoded string.
flagsany SASLprep flag, e.g., GSASL_ALLOW_UNASSIGNED.
outon exit, contains newly allocated output string.
stringpreprcif non-NULL, will hold precise stringprep return code.

Prepare string using SASLprep. On success, the variable must be deallocated by the caller.

Return value: Returns GSASL_OK on success, or GSASL_SASLPREP_ERROR on error.

Since: 0.2.3

Definition at line 48 of file saslprep.c.