GNU Scientific Library -- Design document

Mark Galassi
James Theiler
Brian Gough

This file documents the design of GNU Scientific Library, a collection of numerical routines for scientific computing.

More information about GSL can be found at the project homepage,

The GNU Scientific Library is a library of scientific subroutines. It aims to provide a convenient interface to routines that do standard (and not so standard) tasks that arise in scientific research. More than that, it also provides the source code. Users are welcome to alter, adjust, modify, and improve the interfaces and/or implementations of whichever routines might be needed for a particular purpose.

GSL is intended to provide a free equivalent to existing proprietary numerical libraries written in C or Fortran, such as NAG, IMSL's CNL, IBM's ESSL, and SGI's SCSL.

The target platform is a low-end desktop workstation. The goal is to provide something which is generally useful, and the library is aimed at general users rather than specialists.

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