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28.12 2D Interpolation Types

The interpolation library provides the following 2D interpolation types:

Interpolation Type: gsl_interp2d_bilinear

Bilinear interpolation. This interpolation method does not require any additional memory.

Interpolation Type: gsl_interp2d_bicubic

Bicubic interpolation.

Function: const char * gsl_interp2d_name (const gsl_interp2d * interp)

This function returns the name of the interpolation type used by interp. For example,

printf ("interp uses '%s' interpolation.\n", 
        gsl_interp2d_name (interp));

would print something like,

interp uses 'bilinear' interpolation.
Function: unsigned int gsl_interp2d_min_size (const gsl_interp2d * interp)
Function: unsigned int gsl_interp2d_type_min_size (const gsl_interp2d_type * T)

These functions return the minimum number of points required by the interpolation object interp or interpolation type T. For example, bicubic interpolation requires a minimum of 4 points.