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8.1 Data types

All the functions are available for each of the standard data-types. The versions for double have the prefix gsl_block, gsl_vector and gsl_matrix. Similarly the versions for single-precision float arrays have the prefix gsl_block_float, gsl_vector_float and gsl_matrix_float. The full list of available types is given below,

gsl_block                       double         
gsl_block_float                 float         
gsl_block_long_double           long double   
gsl_block_int                   int           
gsl_block_uint                  unsigned int  
gsl_block_long                  long          
gsl_block_ulong                 unsigned long 
gsl_block_short                 short         
gsl_block_ushort                unsigned short
gsl_block_char                  char          
gsl_block_uchar                 unsigned char 
gsl_block_complex               complex double        
gsl_block_complex_float         complex float         
gsl_block_complex_long_double   complex long double   

Corresponding types exist for the gsl_vector and gsl_matrix functions.