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2.6 Building a more complex package

If a package depends on other packages these will be built automatically in the correct order. To see the dependencies of any package use the dep-list target.

     $ make -C gnu/gnupg dep-list
     make: Entering directory `/home/gnu/gsrc/gnu/gnupg'
     libgpg-error libgcrypt libassuan libksba pth zlib readline
     make: Leaving directory `/home/gnu/gsrc/gnu/gnupg'

The dependencies are searched for in the gnu/ subdirectory by default, with some additional external packages such as zlib in the deps/ subdirectory.

Note that the dependencies can be more than one level deep,

     $ make -C gnu/readline dep-list
     make: Entering directory `/home/gnu/gsrc/gnu/readline'
     make: Leaving directory `/home/gnu/gsrc/gnu/readline'

So, to install a complex package like gnupg use the same commands as for a simple package,

     $ make -C gnu/gnupg
     $ make -C gnu/gnupg install