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2.5 Cleaning up and other useful targets

To clean up the build directory and delete any downloaded files, use the clean target:

     $ make -C gnu/hello clean

There are other useful targets. For example, the whole build sequence can be broken down into stages as follows:

     $ make -C gnu/hello fetch checksum extract configure build install

Each target depends on the previous one, so typing make -C gnu/hello install builds all the earlier targets first.

To see some information about the package before downloading it, use the target fetch-list.

     $ make -C gnu/hello fetch-list
     make: Entering directory `/home/gnu/gsrc/gnu/hello'
     Name: hello
     Version: 2.7
     Distribution files:
     Patch files:
     Signature files:
     make: Leaving directory `/home/gnu/gsrc/gnu/hello'