Special note

The documentation available here still is the documentation that was generated for the Guile-Clutter 1.10.0 release. This is because the gtk-doc application has evolved since, and produces xml files that, in structure, are incompatible with Texinfo. For example, function parameters are listed as subsection entries, it used to be table entries. That is incompatible with the Texinfo document structure, which raises an exception if @subsection is used under @deffn ... Untill we devote substantial resources to patch our doc generator and solve these incompatibilities, we won't build new documentation version.

We therefore recommend to locally build the corresponding Clutter's version documentation. As you already know or will discover, most Clutter functions are also Goops generic functions in Guile-Clutter, for example, the Clutter function clutter_actor_get_margin becomes the Guile-Clutter procedure clutter-actor-get-margin and the Goops generic function get-margin.

By looking at to both the old Guile-Clutter doc and the actuall Clutter's documentation, you will rapidely understand when you may expect both a procedure and a generic function, and when not ... hopefully! We are very sorry about that, but with limited resources, that is what we can offer for now.

Of course help and patches welcome!


Reference for (gnome clutter):

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Reference for (gnome clutter-glx):

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