Latest News

08 December 2015

Guile-Clutter is out, see download.

Changes from 1.12.2

Guile-Gnome has been fixed with respect to an important runtime bug when built against Gcc >= 5.0. This release makes Guile-Clutter depending on this latest Guile-Gnome version. It also fix 2 missing special wrappers in 1.12.2, see below.


  • Requires Guile-Gnome >= 2.16.4

Clutter specific

  • fix - we only need 1 cogl type
  • fixing scroll_to_point, scroll_to_rect
  • make distclean - removing some more files

Older News

19 November 2015

Guile-Clutter 1.12.2 is out, see download.

Changes from 1.10.0

The primary objectives, working towards this release, were (a) to remove all code specific to the support of Guile versions prior to Guile 2, (b) removing all Guile deprecated calls, and then (c) wrap Clutter 1.12 of course :)!


  • Guile-Clutter now requires Guile 2.0, allows Guile 2.2
  • Requires Guile-Gnome >= 2.16.3

Clutter specific

  • Removing types deprecated in Clutter 1.12.
  • Custom bindings added for: ClutterMatrix, ClutterRect, ClutterPoint, ClutterSize and ClutterMargin.
  • CoglPixelFormat must become visible from guile-clutter [special patch].
  • Fixing and/or adding special wrappers for: clutter_text_get_color, clutter_actor_get_background_color, clutter_image_set_data, clutter_actor_get_margin.
  • Updating wrapset.api for Clutter 1.12.
  • Call to clutter_init fixed.
  • Example based upon deprecated functionality removed.
  • Hello-transition.scm example fixed.

Other changes

  • Pkg-config support added
  • Autotool chain improvements
  • Make check, make distcheck fixed
  • LICENSE file added

16 May 2012

Guile-Clutter 1.10.0 is out! This is a particularly pleasing release, as it wraps the latest version of the ultra-hip Clutter library. Impress your friends, hack up a great demo in Guile-Clutter! Check the release announcement for all the details.

3 July 2008

extract from the Guile-Gnome 2.16.1 release news entry, where Guile-Clutter is mentioned for the very first time. I left the link it points to for historical reasons, but it is inactive.

... But as a dessert, there's also Guile-Clutter, raw and effervescent, at version 0.7.6. Good times!