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15 AtkRegistry

An object used to store the GType of the factories used to create an accessible object for an object of a particular GType.

15.1 Overview

The AtkRegistry is normally used to create appropriate ATK "peers" for user interface components. Application developers usually need only interact with the AtkRegistry by associating appropriate ATK implementation classes with GObject classes via the atk_registry_set_factory_type call, passing the appropriate GType for application custom widget classes.

15.2 Usage

— Class: <atk-registry>

Derives from <gobject>.

This class defines no direct slots.

— Function: atk-registry-set-factory-type (self <atk-registry>) (type <gtype>) (factory_type <gtype>)
— Method: set-factory-type

Associate an <atk-object-factory> subclass with a <g-type>. Note: The associated factory-type will thereafter be responsible for the creation of new <atk-object> implementations for instances appropriate for type.

the <atk-registry> in which to register the type association
an <atk-object> type
an <atk-object-factory> type to associate with type. Must implement AtkObject appropriate for type.
— Function: atk-registry-get-factory-type (self <atk-registry>) (type <gtype>) ⇒  (ret <gtype>)
— Method: get-factory-type

Provides a <g-type> indicating the <atk-object-factory> subclass associated with type.

an <atk-registry>
a <g-type> with which to look up the associated <atk-object-factory> subclass
a <g-type> associated with type type
— Function: atk-registry-get-factory (self <atk-registry>) (type <gtype>) ⇒  (ret <atk-object-factory>)
— Method: get-factory

Gets an <atk-object-factory> appropriate for creating <atk-objects> appropriate for type.

an <atk-registry>
a <g-type> with which to look up the associated <atk-object-factory>
an <atk-object-factory> appropriate for creating <atk-objects> appropriate for type.
— Function: atk-get-default-registry ⇒  (ret <atk-registry>)

Gets a default implementation of the <atk-object-factory>/type registry. Note: For most toolkit maintainers, this will be the correct registry for registering new <atk-object> factories. Following a call to this function, maintainers may call atk-registry-set-factory-type to associate an <atk-object-factory> subclass with the GType of objects for whom accessibility information will be provided.

a default implementation of the <atk-object-factory>/type registry