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1 Overview

(gnome atk) wraps the Accessibility Toolkit (ATK) for Guile. It is a part of Guile-GNOME.

ATK is a technology to allow user interface elements to be traversable, readable, and writable by users that do not use the traditional combination of keyboard, screen, and mouse. This encompasses screen readers, text-to-speech, braille displays, etc.

Technically, ATK is implemented as a set of GObject interfaces that can be implemented by user interface toolkits. This is transparently translated into multiple inheritance on the Scheme level; if a class derives from <atk-hyperlink>, then the <atk-hyperlink> methods will apply to it.

The GTK+ toolkit interfaces with ATK via the gtk-widget-get-accessible method.

See the documentation for (gnome gobject) for more information on Guile-GNOME.